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Have you thought about investing?

Campbell River is quite possibly the best place in the world to live and the rest of the world has found us.  With the new direct Comox to Toronto flight opening up, the potential for growth increases, especially with the world of “working from home” being so common now. The value of your property has…

pack like a pro2

14 Tips for packing like a pro

Learn the secrets of packing like a professional. Learn how to save money, be organized and keep your sanity during the moving process.

Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist

A great list to help ensure everyone important knows that you’ve moved! Don’t miss any important correspondence by mail again.

Common costs for buyers

Common costs for buyers

Knowing ahead of time all the costs associated with purchasing your new home means less surprises and a smoother transaction.

My Dream Home Worksheet

My Dream Home Worksheet

A great list of wants and needs for your new home to help you narrow down your “must haves”. You can have what you want and what you need.

Tips for Home Buyers

3 Effective Saving Methods for Home Maintenance

A Comprehensive Guide to Home Maintenance Costs Home maintenance costs can be a major financial burden for many homeowners. That’s why it’s important to understand the costs associated with home maintenance when buying so you can budget accordingly and set a plan in place for unexpected expenses. This article will discuss the different types of…

Roles Reversed: Realtor, now Buyer

You may have so many questions when buying a home and that’s okay! Nicole Ramm sits down to talk about her fears and challenges she had to overcome when she bought her first property. There’s a whole team of professionals to help you. Your real estate agent, your mortgage broker and your home inspector are…

My Top 3 Areas to Invest

Campbell River as a whole is such a fantastic place to live with all neighbourhoods in close proximity to amenities, shopping and the beautiful beaches. But with that said, I do have my personal favourites. Maryland Estates Painter-Barclay Deer Meadow All with their own unique perks and property types – varying sub areas too. Take…

Know Your Neighbourhood: Central

This is beginning of our “Know Your Neighbourhood” series! As Campbell River is discovered by more new people near and far, we wanted to feature each of the sub areas if YOU thought about moving here or have just recently moved here. First up is… Campbell River Central – the “heritage sub area”. It’s home…

Know Your Market

As of April 30th, 2021, single family homes increased by an astounding 17.79% in average sale price, with less than 2 months inventory moving quickly. It’s very beneficial to know your market. Below are some points to keep you up to date and educated whether you’re buying or selling. Stay up to date on Stats. Every…

4 in demand features that home buyers want in a post-quarantine world

4 in demand features that home buyers want in a post-quarantine world

Home buyers are looking for different and specific features for their next home and neighborhood.

5 Things Condo Buyers Want to See

5 Things Condo Buyers Want to See

When selling your condo, it’s smart to know what buyers will be looking for during a viewing. That way, you can prepare your unit so that it looks its best — which will increase the likelihood of selling quickly and for a good price. With that in mind, check out what condo buyers will want to see!

why buyers choose agents

5 Reasons Why Most Home Buyers Choose to Work with a Real Estate Agent

There are many reasons to work with a Real Estate expert, here are the top 5 advantages you’ll have when Anita Painter and Associates help you buy a home.