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As of April 30th, 2021, single family homes increased by an astounding 17.79% in average sale price, with less than 2 months inventory moving quickly. It's very beneficial to know your market. Below are some points to keep you up to date and educated whether you're buying or selling.

Stay up to date on Stats. Every month, we post the most current average sale price for each property type (Single Family, Row/Townhouse and Apartment). This can give you an idea of the price margin your house may be in.

Schedule a Current Market Evaluation with your Realtor. The stats given are based on the average homes. If your home has higher cost renovations, a bigger property or unique features, it may be above the average home value. Realtors show multiple homes a day and have details buyers and other sellers don't have. It's our job to know the market and educate you when we can.

Think local. Just like Campbell River, the entire Island has increased in average sale prices. Comparing a home in Campbell River to one in the Comox Valley is not viable.

It's Competitive. Inventory is moving very quickly which means it's common for homes to get subject-free offers, over asking price. If you're a buyer, know you're "no-higher" number and know you may have to be patient.

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