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When selling your condo, it’s smart to know what buyers will be looking for during a viewing. That way, you can prepare your unit so that it looks its best — which will increase the likelihood of selling quickly and for a good price. With that in mind, here’s what condo buyers will want to see:


Condo buyers are particularly sensitive to space issues. They don’t want to feel cramped. So do whatever you can to make your unit look spacious. If necessary, put some furniture into storage.


Condo buyers who notice work that needs to be done are less likely to make an offer. So arrange to have any needed repairs and upgrades completed before viewings. And keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint makes most rooms look like new.


You want buyers to go “wow” when viewing your unit. So explore ways to make it look even better. Try different furniture arrangements. Freshen up the decor. According to studies, the rooms condo buyers pay most attention to are the living room, kitchen and master bedroom.


You want to make it easy for condo buyers to imagine themselves living there. To help create that feeling, remove obvious personal items, such as wedding pictures. As much as possible, make your unit look more like a model home than your home.


This is always an issue for condo buyers. If you have a separate storage unit on the property, make sure it’s organized (or, ideally, empty) and shows off its size. Do the same for closets and other storage spaces within your unit.

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