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The world is changing fast and being in the middle of a pandemic can bring scary thoughts and uneasiness about everyday activities. It’s easy to get caught up in all that negativity. But as with every challenge, good things are born and we wanted to share some positive news happening around the world.

We’re fortune to live in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. No major outbreaks of Covid-19 were reported and our medical experts have done their best to provide us with path back to normal. As we mentioned in our previous article, Tips for Taking Care, living in Campbell River provides a lot of reasons to stay positive!

Reduced Pollution
and Cleaner Air

car pollution

More people working at home means less traffic on the streets and less emissions from vehicles.

This doesn’t affect us as much in Campbell River however but some large cities have seen huge decreases in smog and more people are able to breathe cleaner air.

While working at home is a temporary situation for some, many industries and workers are seeing benefits from the arrangement and it may become an permanent option. The ability to live independently of where you work offers opportunities for people wanting to get out of expensive, crowded cities and move to smaller towns and rural areas. This is great for places like Campbell River that have an abundance of outdoor recreation activities, affordable housing and all the amenities you need.

Technology and
Health Innovation


The development of new ideas and concepts in happening quickly and in largely collaborative ways.

Here in Campbell River, BC we’ve been fortunate. Many essential services have been able to adjust to physical distancing guidelines and remain open. Other business and industries have adapted in innovative ways, from staff working at home to the ability of offering more online services.

Medical innovations are also happening swiftly. Countries are cooperating like never before to share knowledge and data on Covid-19 to enable the production of a vaccine but also treatments and containment measure.

Coming Together for the Collective Good

community collective

To get through this pandemic we’ve coming together to support each other and to help keep others safe.

Staying at home hasn’t just been about us individually. Staying home is about protecting our loved ones and those in our communities that are more vulnerable.

The experts say the best way to protect our family and friends is through physically distancing. That can be extremely difficult but society has largely complied with the guidelines.

Appreciation of Friends
and family

family bubble

Who’s in your social bubble?

At times of stress and significant change we look to family and friends for support and encouragement. Whether through the use of new technologies or old, we realise the importance of staying connected.

Innovations in technology, especially video chat has helped us keep those ties and make them even stronger. For those with loved ones not residing in Campbell River or on northern Vancouver Island, it’s never been easier or more affordable to check in regularly.

Forced into

different routes

When the only option is to change your routine, you might just find some new methods are better.

After doing things the same way for years, we might be forced to take a different route or learn something new. It can be a beneficial exercise to re-examine daily chores, repetitive tasks and things that have become second nature to us.

A new approach might save you time, produce better results or provide some extra perks that you wouldn’t normally have considered.

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