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7 Steps to Success

Everything is a process! Getting to the finish line, whether buying or selling your Campbell River home can be a stressful journey that is full of surprises…or not. When you work with a professional Realtor such as Anita Painter and Associates experience and expertise will keep the journey smooth and the goal in sight.

So you're thinking about buying a home2

So you’re thinking about buying a home

Learn about the first steps to getting informed about buying a home in the Campbell River area…

Deciding what you want

Step 1: Deciding what you want

The first step to starting your search is to narrow it down to what you want and need. Ask yourself important questions to determine what to look for…

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Be ready to make your best offer by getting pre-approved for your mortgage. This important step will also help you set your budget…

Step 3: Agent or No Agent?

Don’t get caught by surprises with your new home. Learn the benefits of using a professional Realtor to help you buy…

Start Searching

Step 4: Start Searching

It’s time to get excited about all the possibilities! With so many properties coming on the market daily, it’s wise to search smarter…

Make a Smart Offer & Negotiate

Step 5: Make a Smart Offer & Negotiate

When you’ve found the property you want, go after it with a well thought out offer and a plan…

Condition Removal & Inspection2

Step 6: Condition Removal & Inspection

Once your offer has been approved it’s time to get all the conditions that we’re negotiated into your offer removed…

Preparing for Closing Day

Step 7: Preparing for Closing Day

Get prepared for Closing! It’s an exciting time, and you can make it stress free by being well organized…