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Is your home’s design back to school ready?

As September gets closer, your mind is probably full of to-do lists and planning for the change.

7 back to school home organization

It’s that time of year again….

With the change in schedules, your home takes on a different life.
With our simple organization hacks we can help get you and your home in the zone!

Entryway convenience and a place for everything

Containing the mud and dirt from the fall weather can be a challenge. As the gatehouse of your home, having an organized foyer will make it easier to keep clean and minimize the clutter at the door. A tidy entryway is a gift in the mornings as well helping everyone get out the door quickly and on time.

Kids Room readiness

Early mornings are tough enough to adjust to and getting your kids’ bedroom ready for them to tackle the day is essential to smiling faces at the breakfast table. Clearly labelling drawers can help your kids get themselves dressed quicker. Adding a small bedside light will help when the mornings are dark.

Your Kitchen is the Family Command Centre

Choose some wall space in your kitchen to become the command centre. Post a calendar, chore lists, shopping lists and other notes about the family’s schedule. This is crucial to keeping everyone on track and limiting surprises.

Precious Bathroom Time

Sharing a bathroom, especially with multiple children, can be a difficult undertaking. Planning and organization can help though. If you’re lucky enough to have a two sink bathroom – even better. Mount shelving and hangers on the walls to keep clutter off the vanity tops. Adding a laundry basket in the bathroom can make keeping bedrooms tidy an easier task.

The Laundry Room

With the change in routine and weather your volume of laundry is bound to increase. Take a good stock of your laundry room, is it ready to handle the larger load? If your budget allows now would be a great time to add a folding table, dryer rack or a new cupboard to keep things out of sight. Installing an overhead drying rack can help lower your energy costs and takes up normally unused space.

Device Cable Chaos

Depending on the size of your family you could have dozens of device cables and power cords scattered all over the living room and your house. Clean up the cords by using zap straps or consider purchasing docking stations that can charge multiple devices at once.

We hope these tips will help get your family back to school ready and help your home adjust to the changes in activities. Do you have any other tips? Leave us a comment and let us know what has worked for you!

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