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  1. Know exactly what you wantClarify whether something is a “must have” or “would be nice to have.” Do you need to be in a specific part of town? Do you want a big yard? Do you need a home office? Are you okay with doing some renovations or do you want move-in-ready? Answering as many questions as you can and knowing your “absolutely nots will help you and your realtor narrow down what properties are worth scheduling a showing for. 
  2. Get your financing pre-approved. Have it ready so you can move quickly when putting an offer on the right property. It gives you an advantage when sellers are looking through multiple offers. 
  3. Be prepared to act fast. Inventory is coming and going fast. The overall sales over 12 months in Campbell River increased 16.33% in 2020 and we expect sales to increase again this year. Be sure to look over every detail available online and if you feel it could be the one, schedule a viewing as soon as possible to be sure you don’t miss out!  
  4. Know your “no-regrets” price. It’s become more common for properties to sell over asking, so ask yourself what the highest price you’re comfortable paying for one with no regrets. Be sure to run any numbers by your bank/lender as well. 
  5. Consider writing a letter with your offer to stand out. Selling a home can be emotional so use it to your advantage. Letting the seller know what it is about their home that you love could sway their decision if there’s multiple offers. Is there an upgrade you love? Will the kids love the backyard? Let the sellers know that. 
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