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open home

Selling your home in Campbell River Step 6At this stage in the journey, it’s getting exciting!

You have qualified buyers coming to see your property. One or more may fall in love with your home and make an offer.
How do you turn lookers into buyers? Follow these guidelines:

  1. Don’t be there. Buyers want to feel free to look around and discuss your home candidly. That’s why, according to the research, they prefer to see a home with an agent rather than the homeowner. If you’re at home during a showing, buyers may not feel comfortable viewing your property thoroughly and, as a result, not come to appreciate all your property has to offer. So go for a walk, have lunch out, anything. Just be away when a buyer sees your home.
  2. Be flexible when scheduling. Restricting viewings to “Saturdays 3-6” will seriously limit the number of buyers able to see your home. Yes, showings can sometimes be a pain, but the potential is getting an offer. So be flexible. Schedule viewings as often as possible. Also, be willing to have a buyer see your home on short notice. (They are often the most eager to buy.)
  3. Make your home inviting. Ever notice how model homes are always neat and tidy — and never have closed doors! That’s because the more inviting a home is the more likely the buyer is to make an offer. You don’t have to do much to prepare. Make sure your home is clean. Put away personal items like family pictures (that way a buyer can imagine themselves living there.) Leave lights on and open curtains and blinds, where appropriate. Make sure pets are cordoned off or, better still, take them out. And don’t forget the yard. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, and sweep the walkway. Often, buyers will form an initial “good or bad” impression by the time they have entered your front door.
  4. Have helpful information available. These include property brochures, floor plans and contact information. If you are selling your home in the winter, summer pictures help buyers visualize how great your home looks in the sunshine. Got a great neighbourhood? A list of area features — parks, schools, running paths — will give buyers a clearer picture.