Step 5: Make a Smart Offer & Negotiate

Make a Smart Offer & Negotiate

You have found a house you love. Fantastic news!

Here’s how the offer process typically works:

Step 1 Decide on price, terms and conditions.
I will conduct a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA), complete with comparable active and expired listings, recent solds, and other historical data to determine the market value of the home. This is extremely helpful when it comes to negotiating a fair price. You also need to decide on a closing date and if there will be any conditions of the offer such as home inspection, appraisal, water tests etc. I will guide you.
Step 2 Prepare the offer.
I will create a legal document (Agreement of Purchase and Sale) that protects you, follows your instructions, and matches your schedule and needs.
Step 3 Review the offer.
I’ll help explain the details and terms of the offer, and suggest options for specialty clauses so that you know exactly what you are agreeing to.
Step 4 Present the offer.
I will present and negotiate the offer on your behalf.