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These low cost and easy solutions will get your home ready for the cold weather ahead. If your home isn’t meeting your needs, now is a great time to think about a change. Give us a shout to learn more about what’s for sale on the Campbell River real estate market that could better fit your current lifestyle.

Gutter cleaning

It’s a common time for gutter cleaning, for good reason. The heavy rains in fall will quickly overwhelm your gutters if they are at all clogged with debri. Clean them thoroughly to remove anything that can cause a backup. Consider installing leaf guards to make the job even easier next fall.

Install Weatherstripping

Doors and windows are the biggest source of air leaks, and can cause a significant increase in your heating bill. Using your hand (a candle or ideally an infrared thermal gun) to feel around all your doors and windows to detect drafts. Install foam or felt weatherstipping where needed.

gutter cleaning

weather stripping

Fireplace and Chimney

Make sure that your fireplace and chimney has been cleaned and is ready for the cooler weather. If you have a fireplace that isn’t in use, close the damper to prevent warm air from escaping.

Attic spaces

As with your windows and doors, any entrances to attic spaces should be well sealed. Consider adding extra insulation in the attic to help in the winter and in the summer.

fireplace cleaning

Programmable Thermostats

Installing programmable thermostats whenever possible will economically keep your home more comfortable. Why have the heat on high at times when you’re not home or are sleeping?

House Siding

Check for any repairs that need to be made to your homes siding. Use caulking to seal small holes to keep weather out and warm air in.



Inspect Furnace Ducting

Heat is lost every foot that it travels through ducting. This is made worse by seams that aren’t sealed or poor fitting connections. Use a quality metal tape to repair ducting and seal any cracks.

Hot Water Heater

Insulating your hot water heater can significantly reduce it’s expense as well as turning the dial down a notch. Research the best way to do this depending on your hot water heater’s location and type.


hot water

Hoses and Taps

To preserve your garden hoses and taps, empty the water from them before temperatures dip below freezing.


If you’re one of many Campbell River homes that reply on wood heat, make sure you stock up and don’t run out. Having a few extra cords of wood can


We hope that helps you feel more prepared for winter! If you want assistance finding a home repair specialist, please contact us, we have a network of trusted professionals that can help.

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